Loving Yourself by the Moon

Shifts so radical, they must be magickal!
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Who could you be in

Three Moon Cycles?


Shifts so radical, they must be magickal!

Saying 2020 was rough is a huge understatement. And the start of 2021 hasn't been roses and puppies either. Rather than continue down the path of fear and anxiety, get some support on your journey!


Loving Yourself by the Moon is a group coaching program led by certified wellness coach Jamie Alascia. She has always loved the cycles of the Moon and uses those cycles in this group to help client's release old stories and fears, and then create the life they really want without limiting beliefs. 

During the program we work with the energies of the current moon cycle through Ritual, Oracle/Tarot card pulls, and a coaching lesson that matches the moon's current phase and astrological alignment. As you may have gleaned from the name, the main theme running through the entire program is loving yourselves and especially your bodies just as they are!

The details:

Meetings are on or near the Full and New Moons for three complete cycles. Time tentatively 8pm on Sunday nights, but final determination is through group consensus. This is a safe and secure container to share whatever you feel called to share, and every member will be fully supported by one another on their journey.

On the day of the meeting, you will receive the ritual, card layout for that phase, and an activity to help increase or release. Ritual is a large part of this course, and will be kept fairly simple so it is accessible to everyone.

What do you need to do?

Be open and honest with yourself and trust that you are sovereign and divine. This is our main focus. This leads to love for one's self. Show up with an open heart. Share what you need help with and allow all feelings to move through you. Be present and attentive to others when they are expressing their feelings.


How do I sign up?

There will be two version of the course, the Basic and Full VIP course. The main difference is the amount of support you will receive. The Basic course will meet twice a month, and the Full VIP course will meet every week, offering you twice the support on your journey as you move forward.

Please choose the option you think fits best below, or email Jamie at moonwitch@theshiftwitch.com if you have further questions.

Jamie is a lifelong Teacher and Wellness Coach who is ready to help with shifts big and small, physical and mental, spiritual or corporeal. You will be fully supported and loved as you move past your old boundaries to find your full inner freedom, self love, and true path.


Let me know how I can help you live the life you truly want.

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About Jamie, The Shift Witch



Besides being an amazing hugger and a huge nerd, I'm also an Earth energy healer, a gift I discovered while spending hours in nature during my childhood. I was usually up a tree, absorbing the beautiful feelings, sights, and sounds. As an adult, I realized that this gift came as a way to help me deal with sexual abuse, mental abuse, and abandonment I experienced during my childhood. The connection I developed with nature helped to stabilize and ground me as I figured out who I was outside of the trauma.

In my teens I was lucky to discover Yoga. I not only enjoyed it, but I felt a deep connection to it as if I had always known the movements in my body. This helped me with physical confidence and understanding my body, especially in those awkward teen years! Going within and practicing in that way helped me to clear that clutter from my mind and to find a stable mental base. After many years of practice, I transitioned to teaching yoga in the Fall of 2018. I'm currently pursuing my Yoga Therapy certification to extend my knowledge of the human body and the ways it can heal from many types of injuries and trauma.

Then in my 20's I found my second movement passion when my yoga studio offered Bellydance classes. I was hooked after the first class! To be in a room full of women enjoying the ways their bodies moved was revelatory to me. Embracing your bare belly, no matter what it looked like, felt so rebellious. Having wide hips was an asset and not a "problem" that needed addressing! I started taking classes and workshops in all different styles of bellydance and beyond to other forms of movement, including Poi and staff spinning, transnational bellydance, and even a brief interlude with hip hop (don't ask, lol!) After five years of study, I was ready to share my passion with others, and have been doing so since 2010. I absolutely love teaching, especially beginners, because those moments when their faces light up with the joy of getting in touch with their bodies (for perhaps the first time) is precious to me.

My 20's were also a time of spiritual exploration for me. I studied a bunch of different religions in formal and informal ways, discovered how women's roles in religion are not always as a martyr or whore, and connected with the divine being inside of me. I began collecting and using crystals for healing while traveling Europe and studying Shakespeare in England. My travels abroad gave me such a beautiful perspective on the diversity of thoughts and belief systems that are thousands of years old. My most profound experience was watching a sunrise at the top of Temple IV in Tikal. That was my first brush with true magic.

I am also a natural teacher, having the chance to work in school for 15 years, and teaching Bellydance beginning in 2010. I make sure that each students feels nurtured, heard, and respected in our time together. I love adapting to what each student needs to succeed! 

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